Studylog Desktop allows researchers to develop simple or complex study protocols collaboratively - allowing for study design information to be easily captured and managed in one place.

  • Track protocol revisions, IACUC requirements, change requests, and subsequent change approvals
  • Automate animal research models: oncology, inflammation (such as EAE, IBD, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, etc.), vaccines, infection, metabolism, tissue rejection, pharmacodynamics, asthma, transgenics and toxicology
  • Specify groups, dose regimens, disease induction, inoculation sites and schedules, as well as sample collections
  • Define data types using measurements, observations and formulas
  • Standardize nomenclature for clinical, histological and mortality observations
  • Import animals from other studies
  • Randomize using a variety of methods
  • Integrate with corporate databases and applications (e.g., compound databases, etc.)
  • Activate studies through an approval process 

Schedule and Track

Use Studylog Desktop to schedule study tasks (even when staggered), track study progress, and access real-time results when you need them- expediting next-step planning.

  • Organize personnel assignments, and track completion of study events.
  • Schedule data collection & observations by group or animal
  • Easily modify schedules
  • Stagger start study subjects
  • Assign tasks to groups or individual technicians
  • Track planned vs. actual tasks
  • Track study change requests
  • Track Protocol changes
  • Track data amendments
  • Print schedule and task reports
  • View scheduled tasks in lists, calendars and Gantt charts.
  • Export schedules to Outlook or Excel


With Studylog Desktop you can preserve data immediately, minimize data errors, and automatically trigger alerts on measurement threshold limits. You can use standardized lexicons and methodologies to make cross-study comparisons easier throughout the organization.

  • Automatically capture data from devices such as balances, calipers, chip scanners, serum chemistry analyzers, and more
  • Collect data directly via devices or manually
  • User & time stamp data and events
  • Record measurement times, dosing times and volumes, as well as inoculation dates and times
  • Collect clinical and mortality observations
  • Prevent accidental data overwriting or deletion
  • Utilize built-in threshold controls for health parameter compliance
  • Amend data only through P.I. approval process
  • Copy & paste from Excel 


Use Studylog Desktop to synthesize data into meaningful summaries of results with real-time graphing and statistics. Instantly graph and display:

  • Absolute and relative measurement values
  • Means and medians
  • Standard deviation and standard error
  • Numbers of animals
  • Dosing day arrows
  • Graph multiple studies simultaneously
  • Paste graphs into PowerPoint, Word, etc.


Save hours spent organizing and formatting data by creating custom reports and graphs in seconds. You can use Studylog Desktop to generate standardized and customized reports of:

  • Censor animal data
  • Daily tasks
  • Detailed and summary data
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Efficacy statistics
  • Protocols
  • ANOVA & post-hoc analyses
  • T-Test analysis
  • Randomization


With Studylog Desktop you can communicate with study personnel and maintain controlled access to all current and previous study protocol information and data, regardless of personnel changes or notebook loss.

  • Manage user accounts
  • Define security levels
  • Publish studies for viewing
  • Send information via integrated messaging or email
  • Maintain study data and records in perpetuity