With Studylog Web, you can quickly create, modify or propose changes to study protocols. Researchers can enter critical study design information in a collaborative environment, designate study personnel, propose changes, and follow the study through the approval process. Lab personnel enter detailed information (specific dates, lot numbers, etc.) through Studylog Desktop.


With Studylog Web you can follow a study process in real time for enhanced next-step planning. The data from a study is available as it is collected, providing investigators with real-time information and allowing project managers to make more timely decisions.


Communicating with study personnel and tracking study progress is made simple with Studylog Web. Messages, notes, attachments, and change requests are connected to the study, and provide a trail of study progress. 


With Studylog Web you can view graphs and statistics in real time. Investigators can access and analyze study data with only a few mouse clicks and researchers can generate tables, create and modify graphs, and run various analyses without any manual data manipulation.


Use Studylog Web to generate query studies using almost any parameter and generate corresponding reports. The powerful search features in the program allow investigators to find studies, regardless of when they were conducted, and create a variety of reports in seconds.