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About Us

Making The World A Better Place​

Studylog Systems was founded in 2003 in South San Francisco by pre-clinical researchers and IT professionals. The company is driven by one purpose: to help get life-saving treatments to patients faster by making pre-clinical research more efficient. Our collaborative, customer-centric approach has enabled us to create and evolve the best animal study workflow products in the world. Today, many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government labs, in dozens of countries, use Studylog.

Mission Statement

We have six company Core Values – Trust, Loyalty, Respect for Others, Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment – that capture our philosophy towards our people and customers. Our goal is to hire people with the skills and character to work collegially to drive company success. This success is outlined in our Vision, to make a difference by making preclinical, drug discovery research easier, more efficient and effective, so new therapies get to patients sooner – and our Mission – To make the world’s best preclinical study workflow software.

We demonstrate respect for individuals as people by striving to conduct our business and interact with each other and our external business partners every day according to these values. We believe that the actions and words of all employees at all levels, regardless of the circumstances, should embody them. We work hard and laugh hard.

Meet the Studylog Executive Team

Eric Ibsen

President & CEO

Walter Parabuniuk


Nick Ferry


Beka Pitskhelauri


Jeff Kumer

Customer Success

Wolf Heikura

Customer Success

Kelly Castaldo

Project Management

Neeraj Mallampet


Yasmina Ibsen


Nathan Fahrenthold


Clayton Ma


Inna Bolfun

Quality Assurance

Norman Ho


Jesse Filshtinsky

Quality Assurance

We’re a team of exceptional people intent on inspiring others to shine.

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