Manages the entire workflow of an animal study without spreadsheets.

Researchers may now ask additional questions of a study and or make changes to the design mid-study.

Common platform to acquire complete and standardized study and project datasets and actual study conduct information.

Researchers no longer have to wait until the data is analyzed and graphed using manual methods, knowing results in real-time.

Researchers are prompted to complete detailed study design & methodology when creating a study. It gets captured completely.

Digital measurement devices send data automatically into Studylog, minimizing human errors and improving data and results quality.

Time, Date and User stamps for collected data inform investigators about actual study conduct meaning stakeholders will have greater confidence in the results, making your services more valuable.

Can positively impact a lab’s bottom line through improvements in efficiency, standardization, data quality, centralized access and search ability as well as collaboration across research sites.

Happy scientists do better quality work, are less stressed, and tend to have less turnover.