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animal study workflow software

The gold standard.

Studylog Desktop™ is the data system of record for more than half of the Top 20 global pharma leaders

Studylog reduces errors, effort, and time in the lab by automating virtually all of your study tasks.

Run your studies more easily with reproducibility best practices built-in, connect with devices, and digitize your data so results are available securely and at your fingertips forever.

“Studylog allows you to track each and every data point over time, and randomize your groups, which Excel doesn’t offer.”

Stephanie Casey Parks

“The proof in the pudding was how amazed the IT people at Johnson & Johnson were at what Studylog could do.”

Peter King
Senior Scientist

Work smarter, not harder.

Many of our users have conducted twice as many studies with the same team. Next-step planning is also faster, and scientists can ask additional questions during ongoing studies.
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Return on investment
Don't just take our word for it

Do better science.

Studylog was born in the lab, and crafted precisely for the needs of our community of scientific researchers.

Single source of truth for all therapeutic areas

All your animal info is at your fingertips. Secure and searchable forever.

Consistent, high-quality results

Start with a preset Study Module or customize to match your individual workflow. For faster follow-ups, replicate detailed study designs from templates or clone prior studies.

Automated Data Collection

Data collection is fast, accurate, and easy. Studylog integrates directly with a broad range of wired and wireless scales, calipers, and blood analyzers.

Data In, Data Out

Your studies, your data. Integrate upstream and downstream applications with a cloud-ready, locally deployable API server.

“The Studylog software has been a godsend.”

Faith Musenge