STUDYLOG™ Animal study workflow Software
Studylog is the most powerful and flexible animal study management system available
More than a laboratory information management system, Studylog Desktop™ helps research teams design, plan, execute, analyze, report and collaborate on all animal disease models. Studylog makes the most of your time and team, giving you a birds-eye view of your entire lab and freeing you from tedious and error-prone activities.

Create Tasks, Measurements, Study Designs & Templates

Define study tasks & measurements for any kind of study. Easily create clonable study designs and templates for any therapeutic area.

Built-in Graphs & GraphPad Prism Exports

Generate graphs and survival plots at the push of a button. Compare groups from historical studies.

Standardized reports make analysis painless while ensuring consistency & rigor

Reports blocks may be mixed and matched to configure your preferred presentation. Select data types and timeframes. Censor/ Exclude data as needed.

Randomize Effortlessly

Multiple methods save time, effort, & ensure consistency. Randomize by your choice of parameters automatically.

Sample IDs, Labels, Collection, & Results

Define sample collection methods, create sample IDs, labels, and connect them to sample analysis results

Schedule Tasks or Measurements

Following the study plan is easy with task calendars connected to data collections. Tasks/Measurements can be scheduled effortlessly based on study days, dates, or event triggers. Assign Tasks/Measurements to technicians.

Lock it down. Keep it at Your Fingertips

Data is complete with timestamps, userstamps, amendment controls, and metadata that optimize integrity. Securely preserved in a database, access is controlled by user, role, & other criteria.

Improve Animal Welfare Standards

Real-time notifications of animal health endpoints ensure compliance with animal welfare regulations.
Studylog Functionalities
  • Collect data easily via connected-devices like scales, calipers, blood analyzers
  • Collect imaging data with associated image links
  • Sample collection timers make PK studies easier
  • Automatic dose recording and volume calculations
  • Collect tissue samples & record storage locations
  • Integration with microchips and RapID Tags
  • Instant alert on measurement entry
  • Export to Graphpad Prism™
  • Compare multiple studies on one graph
  • Display dosing day arrows automatically
  • Group & individual animal data
  • Absolute, relative & log values Group means, medians, SEM, & SD
  • Survival plots
  • Multiple randomization methods
  • Sample labels, IDs & result management
  • Rolling enrollment, cohort scheduling and data alignment
  • Animal Welfare compliance alerts for any parameter
  • Automated drug formulation calculations
  • Create custom fields easily
  • Detailed individual and group summary data
  • Built-in statistics are made easy
  • Multi-group comparisons & post-hoc analyses
  • Mix and match your favorite report blocks into your personalized report template
  • Configurable modules for any therapeutic area, species and data type
  • Define and collect any numerical or descriptive data type
  • Censor or exclude animal data
  • Configurable data calculation formulas Study-specific roles and permission
  • Customize study design and software layouts

  • Integrate with other applications and databases
  • Deployable on prem or cloud

“The Studylog software has been a godsend.”

Faith Musenge

Frequently Asked Questions

About Studylog Desktop

Which measurement devices do you support?

We support a wide variety of devices including balances, RFID chip and barcode scanners, hematology analyzers, and many more. Studylog can also be configured to work with most devices that output data through serial, USB, or named pipe communications.

How much does Studylog Desktop cost?

Every lab is different and we have a variety of pricing models for both perpetual and subscription licenses. Schedule a quick 15 min chat to learn how Studylog can pay for itself after very few studies.

What hardware do I need?

Studylog Desktop™ runs on Windows with a very little hard drive footprint.

Study Director™

The precursor to Studylog Desktop™. The current version is v3.1.399.