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Studylog software has been a godsend. I don't know why everybody doesn't use it. I can't see myself without it, especially with what we do.

Faith Musenge
Beam Therapeutics

Studylog has been a huge help in providing us the ability to run multiple studies, collect data, automate data capture, do a lot more studies, and collect data a lot better than our previous method. We have found it to be an essential tool to provide CRO services to clients.

Christopher Brenzel
Senior Director, Business Development/Gene Editing Solutions
Hera Biolabs

Excel is great—I use it every day—but it is not the place to keep animal studies. Take, for example, a study with 4 scientists running different tasks on it. How many copies of that Excel file are there? How are they kept in sync? Which one is the most complete version?

Our results in Studylog are well-organized. Scientists and group leaders can find data and generate reports quickly.

Julie Nardone
Principal Scientist
Merck, EMD Serono

Per individual study, Studylog probably saves us at least eight to twelve hours of data manipulation time, which is then time that my team spends doing more studies. That’s how our throughput has increased. Back when there were two of us, we could do maybe two or three 20 mice studies at a time. We are now a team of five that can do four to five 80 mice studies at a time which would not have been possible without using the software. Studylog is so much more efficient than Excel!

Lacey Dobrolecki
Technical Core Director
Baylor College of Medicine

The proof in the pudding was how amazed the IT people at Johnson & Johnson were at what Studylog could do.”

Peter King
Senior Scientist

Studylog saved us at least a part-time or full-time personnel, or even 20 to 40 hours a week. It’s saving us personnel costs. It allows people to work more independently, allows them to be more confident in their results, and makes sure that everything is recorded with accuracy and efficiency, and that all the details are recorded.

Jennifer Koblinski
Associate Professor, Director of Cancer Mouse Models Core; Co-Director TDAAC
Virginia Commonwealth University

You will save so much valuable time and frustration by switching to Studylog; it is incredibly easy to navigate and includes any possible feature you could ever need for animal research. It is also fully customizable, by which I mean if there is any custom calculation, tissue collection item, clinical observation lexicon, etc., that I want to add to a specific template or study, Studylog gives me the option to do so. It is more than worth what we pay to use it.

Studylog has greatly benefitted our team by allowing us to quickly and easily collect essential data and then churn it out into a full comprehensive Excel report with the click of a button.

Molly Grandcolas
Senior Research Associate
Rapt Therapeutics

I thought, “Where has this been all my life?!” It has allowed me to become more efficient and have all my in vivo study information kept accurately in one place. As our team adds more scientists, it will also allow me to keep track of study schedules across the portfolio. When we are at full capacity, I can envision Studylog saving our team up to 20-40 hours per week.

Caroline Bullock
Principal In Vivo Pharmacologist
Be Biopharma

Studylog is a fantastic program. You can get super detailed with it. In a GLP setting, the levels of information that you can pack into a single study are enormous. You can have accountability for the people that are performing the procedures. You can delineate the schedule so there is not much room for misunderstanding, which is very important. You can provide all the possible information in terms of what has to happen when, by whom, and to what standard. Studylog has a lot of tools that make your life easier.

Javier Goitia
Associate Researcher
Deka Biosciences

Studylog saves scientists time upfront (study commencement) but also in the back-end when analyzing the data or writing a study report. Because Studylog captures all the details and processes, the information from the study is easily attained by those that did not complete the study but can ascertain the process and procedures to run the study by reading through the Studylog reports.

Julie Janes
Senior Scientist
Sound Biologics

[Studylog]  is a safe, centralized, and standardized repository for data - a really great way to maintain and organize numerous preclinical studies.

Mari Kuraguchi
Senior Director of Preclinical Pharmacology

Studylog is not just a cookie-cutter software. It is highly flexible and highly customizable. You can create your own calculations, your own alerts, your own statistical parameters, your own calculations, and as long as you can put it into an equation, you can get that done in Studylog. That is the flexibility Studylog has because it has evolved over the last decade and a half and probably more. It can fit into multiple therapeutic areas and multiple disease conditions.

Raghuveer Ramachandra
Associate Director, Exploratory Pharmacology
Sanford Burnham Prebys

Studylog allows you to track each and every data point over time, and randomize your groups, which Excel doesn’t offer. We were able to ask secondary and tertiary questions of our studies. I used to use Excel in my prior life and you just can’t do a fraction of what you can do with Studylog.

Stephanie Casey Parks